It’s been such a long time….

It’s been such a long time. That sentence can be applied to so many things for all of us now. But for me, I no longer have to use it for flying. I’m back at work since the beginning of June and I can tell you things are very different. When I work, I prefer long haul flights. But nowadays, when I layover, I’m pretty much confined to my hotel room or hotel grounds because of COVID restrictions. One would think I’d be very upset about that (others are to be sure), but I’m not. I look at it as a way to ease back into it. I look at as a form of protection against the virus. I am fully vaccinated, yes. But the jury is still largely out on how someone with multiple autoimmune diseases respond to the vaccine. There just hasn’t been enough time to know. I’m ok with taking necessary precautions. I’m still considering myself lucky to be sitting here writing this on balcony overlooking a beach in Tel Aviv, someplace I’d never been before last month.

I never knew there was a large surf culture here. I’ve enjoyed watching the surfers this trip and I’ve got a good view of the dog beach too. I find joy in watching the dogs having such a fun time. I look forward to the day when the virus is a memory and I can explore this vibrant city. I was off work from March 15, 2020 until May 19, 2021 as all my doctors thought I was too high risk. During that time, I tried to soul search and really get a handle on things that meant a lot to me. Travel, going places, exploring, adventuring will always be a part of me and who I am. But I found out that caring for others is more to me and why I love my job so much. I used a very large portion of my retirement fund to live on while I was out (thanks to the Cares Act), so it appears I will be doing my job for a very long time. But, I also decided I would like something else career wise ((in addition to not in place of). So, starting this fall, at the ripe old age of 56 (57 shortly thereafter) I will be returning to college to pursue a nursing degree (BSRN). I want to do more in the Diabetes community and this is how I intend to start. I will be doing as much as possible online to avoid having to take time off. And then when it comes time for clinicals, I hope to work my schedule around my classes. I might be exploring a little less on my layovers, as studying becomes my priority. But, I will continue to post my progress (cheering me on is most welcome). Until my next post, stay healthy and stay safe!!


Adventures in Cattle Ranching

Sometime around when I was ten years old, my grandfather was getting ready to retire from his law practice and move to the country. He had been invited to a place called Indian Hammock and fallen head over heels with a lifestyle of raising horses and cattle and going hunting. Probably those things had been in his heart since he was a little boy. My mom and I would go up to visit on weekends and holidays and she (mom) even learned to ride a horse while I was away one summer so she could surprise me. It didn’t go well, but she really tried. Eventually, my grandfather bought a piece of property north of Okeechobee and set about creating his dream. He had a huge Appaloosa named Freckles and a smaller one for my grandmother who also was very into this new lifestyle. He bought some cows and one particularly ugly and mean bull. He also made friends with all the local ranchers. I remember learning from him all the different breeds that were on the ranches surrounding Okeechobee and I remember them all to this day. He also took mom and I to our first rodeo, something that I have continued to enjoy since. I share all this so that it will make sense why I chose this adventure.

Each time I drive out to visit my mom, I pass a huge and very well known ranch. It is known for the family that started it, their eye for land and water management and breeding cattle that can handle a subtropical environment.

About a year ago, I saw pictures from their ranch and a beautiful spring that was on the property. I knew I really wanted to see it, and had heard that they occasionally had tours as part of a venture into agri-tourism. So, about a month ago I saw an ad for a fundraiser for the St Lucie Audubon chapter. The fundraiser was a tour and breakfast at the ranch. I signed up right away!! There is a book that is now required reading in many Florida school systems by Patrick D. Smith called “A Land Remembered” . It’s historical fiction, about the history of Florida through one particular family. The tour I was going to take of the Adams Ranch would show what I think most of that book is based upon…..another reason for me to be drawn to do this tour. If you have any connection to Florida and you have never read the book, please do,it’s a wonderful story.

So, the morning of the tour, I arrived at the ranch and was impressed by the facilities. We were given the choice of breakfast first or tour first. I chose breakfast first (diabetic, remember). In hindsight, I should have chosen your first to see more early morning birds. It was a nice breakfast with eggs and ham, potatoes or oatmeal and a wide assortment of fruit. After eating we went into the “Bud Adams Museum”. There were all sorts of artifacts that had been found on the property and many awards that Mr Adams has received over the years. The ranch is manned now by the fourth generation. The museum also has a cedar slab table that must be 20 feet long. I wish I had asked if it had come from a tree there. We watched a video narrated by Bud Adams himself (made in 2008). The video gave a brief history of the ranch and the strain of cattle developed there. Braford cattle was developed to handle our harsh climate. One thing , in particular, that I found interesting was that they selectively bred the cattle to have brown fur around their eyes because the one with white fur around their eyes got eye cancer, presumably from our harsh sun. On the tour later, we would learn quite a bit about the practices they developed for water management and how they would raise and lower the water table

On to the tour…. it was in a huge school bus that the windows had been taken out. The property is gorgeous and I felt as if I was transported back in time. The family has recreated the original houses to show what it was like back around 1900. I wish we could have stopped at the spring, I would have loved to photograph them….even with the sulfur stench.

We stopped for awhile to view 2 of the herds and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. They are gorgeous.

We saw one good sized alligator.

One strange thing we saw, that I can only think was because of the strange weather this year , was a swarm of lovebugs (they usually only come out in May and September).

The trees were gorgeous and the Spanish moss too. We saw wild Lilly’s and resurrection ferns too.

The tour was over too quickly and I would definitely do it again. I’d love to see one of their cattle auctions too. Enjoy the pictures!!





My Christmas IKEA tradition

Thirty years ago a very young and broke-ish couple started a Christmas tradition. Back then, IKEA had a program where you could “rent” a Christmas tree. How it worked was first you would buy the tree for $20 (I think) and then after Christmas you would bring the tree back and get $10 back and they would turn the tree into mulch. Our first Christmas together, we drove down to Ikea (it was 45 minutes away) and first went into the Ikea restaurant and had their signature Swedish meatballs platter. Thirty years ago a very young and broke-ish couple started a Christmas tradition. Back then, IKEA had a program where you could “rent” a Christmas tree. How it worked was first you would buy the tree for $20 (I think) and then after Christmas you would bring the tree back and get $10 back and they would turn the tree into mulch. Our first Christmas together, we drove down to Ikea (it was 45 minutes away) and first went into the Ikea restaurant and had their signature Swedish meatballs platter.

Then, we would look around a bit before going outside and getting the tree. Now that I think about it, it probably really dried the tree out driving it so far home. Each year, we would buy an ornament to commemorate the year. So, when you look at the ornaments on my tree, they are all very different. Sometimes they were commemorating places, sometimes events. And, of course, there were lots of airplane ornaments.We continued to get our tree this way until they discontinued renting them a few years later. But, we continued to go and have the lunch each year. It seemed to be the kick off for holiday shopping for us. The thing I remember most about the Ikea lunches was the laughter while we ate. Eventually, we went our separate ways….. but occasionally we would still go out to lunch and that always included a December trip to Ikea. A few more years down the road,cancer took him away way too soon. And yet, every year I continue the tradition. But now, the seat across from me is empty and tears replace the laughter. I keep going because I choose to remember the best of times and the fun we had. A lot of time has passed and I’ve made a lot of new traditions but, I think the Ikea tradition will always have a special place in my heart. Wishing you a your’s a very Merry Christmas!!

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Welcome to my latest adventure. I layover in London a lot….because I love it and you never run out of things to do. Several years ago, I heard about the Scandimarket.

It happens twice a year, at midsommer and before Christmas. It sounded like fun, but my flights were always on different days……until today. When I found out I would be in town for the Christmas market, I was so excited. The forecast was for rain, but I was prepared. Nothing was going to stop me from finally going. We landed early and traffic to the hotel was light, so I was able to get in a 2 hour nap before setting out on my adventure. I took the tube and it didn’t take too long to get there, but it took a few minutes to get a decent internet signal so that I could get directions from the tube station. It was such a bad connection, I initially set out the wrong way…quickly figured it out and headed in the right direction.

To give you a little background on this market… at one end of the street is the Norwegian church and at the other is the Finnish church.

For a 1£ entrance fee, you can enter one of the churches. Inside you find a selection of crafts and a sort of restaurant/cafe. They both also have a selection of groceries. The Finnish church even had frozen goods.

Running the length of the street between the churches were pop up tents selling all sort of cooked food , crafts and snack foods from the Scandinavian countries.

I chose to eat at the Norwegian church. I had meatballs with mashed potatoes gravy and jam.

I bought a few goodies to take home for the holidays. I bought crafts from both churches too.

I was really impressed with what seemed to be thriving congregations. And, I felt very welcome at both. If I’m in town again when market is happening, I will definitely go. I had really hoped to find a vintage glögg warmer (crock style) at one of the booths, but no luck. Also, wanted some mulled wine but was afraid I’d fall asleep on the tube, haha. So, if you’re ever in town during the Scandimarket, I recommend going. The food is great and there are some fun things to shop for too!!

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Celebrities and flying…….

I can’t take a break from Type 1 diabetes, but I can take another break from writing about it….

People often ask me if I have celebrities on board a lot or who I’ve met in my 33 years as a flight attendant. The answer is yes….and frequently. While I can’t tell you the specific names (that would be sacrificing their privacy and I would get in trouble), I can tell you the types of celebrities I’ve had the privilege of meeting. I’ve met former presidents (in Palm Springs and Nicaragua), congressmen that went on to run for President, Senators, Stars from old Hollywood, up and coming actors, Rockstars and Country music giants, whole teams of sports stars, Academic stars, Astronauts, writers, and yes, Royalty from around the world. I consider it one of my greatest achievements that I kept an entire 777 unaware, save one, that a certain royal was on board…a memory I will treasure long after I stop flying. I once had a scientist on board that I’d admired almost my whole life. I was so tongue tied, I could barely talk to her and kicked myself for it for a week. She works with primates and as a young girl I wanted to be just like her. I learned that you can actually fit a basketball team in the first class of a Super-80…..a feat I would have sworn was not physically possible.

One name I will say . In the 1990’s , I had Joan Rivers in First class to London and I mentioned to her how much my Mom loved her (just as a compliment). She asked my mom’s name and sent her a note and a picture that my Mom still has on her desk. What a treasure she was.

When the live action film “101 Dalmatians ” was set to premiere in New York, I brought in one of the stars from London. Halfway across the pond, he looked up at me, showed me his boarding pass and just started laughing…….our flight number was #101!!!!!! We thought it was hysterical.

I still see a few celebrities on flights to Europe, but after 9/11 many went the private jet route. I still consider having them on board one of the last truly glamorous things about my job. And, I still promise to take care them and give them the privacy they desire (not all do, some like signing autographs). So, next time you’re on a trip who knows, you may be traveling with stars on you flight!!

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Thoughts from over the middle of the Atlantic…..

This post has absolutely nothing to do with diabetes and that’s ok….proves I can, in fact think about something else.

Have you ever loved a book so much you just had to tell everyone? I’m reading that kind of book right now, just about halfway finished.

I grew up in south Florida and for as far back as I can remember I knew about Ernest Hemingway. I think everyone did, during that time frame anyway. I remember reading one of his books in the seventh grade, not because of the subject matter, but because of him. Like most people’s opinion of him, to me he was larger than life. As a seventh grader, I thought he had seen everything ,as well traveled as he was. The grand trips to Africa, living in Cuba, sitting in a bar all day, all seemed very exotic. And so, I grew up enamored of this giant. Maybe outside the state of Florida people didn’t hear as much about him, I don’t know.

Fast forward to a few months ago….. I was in one of the warehouse club stores in the book section and I came across an interesting looking book. Just glancing at it, the story seemed about Madrid, which I’ve been trying to find a reason to like since I’ve been going there so much lately. So, I bought it. It turns out this book is second in what I hope is a continuing series. The book is titled “Love and Ruin” by Paula McLain and is a fictional account of Hemmingway’s second wife , Martha Gellhorn’s life. I adore this book. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book where I felt I really was inside the character’s head. I want to savor every word, but I also want to hurry to what comes next. I want this book to last forever, but I want to read the other book too. To hear such intimate details of their lives (realizing it is a fictional account) just fascinates me. And, she describes him just as I imagined him all those years ago. I almost feel as if I’ve met him.

I hope everyone has a book that makes history come alive for them the way this book has done for me and if you get the chance to read it, I hope you will enjoy it as I have.

Preparing my Type 1 Diabetes for a Hurricane…

On my layover in London last night, I was thinking about how lucky I am. We had a hurricane come perilously close to my home. The eye sat some 30+ miles of the coast, which means 31 miles from my house. I was thinking about all the preparations I go through to prepare the house and , while it probably sounds strange to you, to prepare my diabetes. While preparing the house, shutters go up or down (depending on the type), outdoor furniture gets brought in, and things get tied down or removed entirely (all my bird feeders) . Then there’s the shopping (we try to start in May and buy a little at a time)….batteries, canned goods, shelf stable items, and junk food (to ease the fear during the height of the storm). And water, lots of it. We need water for drinking, for pets, for flushing, for cleaning etc. The list goes on and on . It’s all in preparation to exist after the storm…in case there is no power, in case there is no running water. We buy propane to run the grill to cook, I also have a one burner butane stove.

But, to prepare my diabetes, I had to invent my own system and hope that it works. If you’re new here, I have type 1 diabetes and my pancreas makes no insulin, which is an essential hormone to live. So, I take insulin. That insulin is somewhat fragile and must be refrigerated…..which requires power. So my system consists of 5 coolers. The day prior to the storm, I fill all five coolers with ice. 4 of them get duct taped shut to (hopefully) preserve the ice as long as possible (at times I’ve even wrapped the coolers in blankets to further insulate them). The first cooler to get used has the insulin (after the power goes out) and then we progress to the other coolers as needed. I also try to keep all my insulin pump supplies and continuous glucose monitor supplies in a cool place to preserve the adhesives. All these items would be replaced if damaged, but take time to be delivered. And, it’s usually blisteringly hot right after a hurricane and one tends to “sweat off” devices more easily than normal.

I’ve found that my blood sugar tends to run high post storm, so I don’t eat as much (and who wants to eat when it’s so hot). But, I do need to drink extra water.

I’ve found that these days something else one needs for diabetes preparation is extra charging blocks (fully charged, of course). Because, in my case, the pdm for my pump is rechargeable, as is the receiver for my cgms and my glucometer. This storm, I had 3 charging blocks, but I think I will buy a few more (now that so many devices are rechargeable).

I like to keep everything together in a plastic tub, so that individual items don’t have to be hunted down. I thought of something else that might be useful to put in the tub and that is an index card with all the medical supply numbers to call after the storm. This year the companies all seemed to send out emails with storm phone numbers.

I’m sure everyone has their own method for preparing and storing items for a hurricane, but for someone just diagnosed or new to a hurricane prone area, I hope my list helps.

I was lucky this time, the eye passed off shore and we received no damage. The power didn’t even go out. But, the people of the Bahamas were not so lucky. I’m sure, by now, you have seen coverage of the devastation. And, I ask if you are able to help them please do. If you don’t have a donation point where you are, just ask in the comments and I will send you a link to online donations. I can’t imagine going through that devastation and having to find insulin. You see, the maximum amount of time that I can be without is is about one hour. At that point , my blood sugar will rise in an upward spiral . The situation becomes dire in 1-3 days. So you can imagine how necessary it is to get help to those with Type 1 diabetes in the storm’s path as quickly as possible.

For those of you living in hurricane prone areas, I’d love to hear how you weather the storm. What are your tips for living with Type1 diabetes after the storm? And what do you do differently to prepare?

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Adventures in DNA, or is my sister my cousin?

Growing up as an only child (until I was 24), I wanted nothing more than to have siblings and a big family. It didn’t help that we were a single parent household as well. When my half brother (whole love him) came along, I was ecstatic. To this day, I feel very protective of him and try to make sure he knows how much he is loved. We lost our father when he was only 17 and I think he missed out on a lot. My desire for a family never waned, but I was unable to have a family of my own and later I didn’t have the support network to adopt. Although, even at 54, I still think about adoption. I realize all this sounds a bit depressing, but I really and getting to the good part and what this week’s adventure is al about.

A few years back, I wanted to do something that I knew would make my mom happy. So, I began the geneological journey to join the Daughters of the American Revolution, or DAR for short. Over the course of doing the research and proving the ancestral links, I discovered a passion I didn’t know I had. And, that rather than having the tiny family I thought that I had, I have a very large extended family. The only trouble was that I didn’t know them. Through, I began filling in my family tree. At first, all I was concerned with was taking it back as far as I could. But then, I decided to do the Ancestry DNA test and a whole new world opened up. I started with first and second cousins and the list grew all the way through 8th cousins. Most important to me were the ones where the common ancestor was proven. Because that said to me that we really were related.

And then the adventure started!! This past January, I received a DNA match that said second cousin, and while I didn’t recognize the name as a family name……I did recognize the name as one belonging to my sorority sisters family…and the name was somewhat uncommon. This sister is one that I visit with every year along with our other sisters. I texted her immediately and I messaged the DNA match through Ancestry. If I remember correctly, I think I told my sorority sister “I think we’re cousins”! And then told her the story. With my DNA cousin, it didn’t take very long at all to figure out our connection. Our Grandfathers were brothers. Now how is it that we didn’t know who the other was, you might ask? Here is where the scandal and mystery come in…..His Grandfather (my Grand uncle) was a gambler and ran out on his family. His mother later married someone else who then adopted the children, so they had a different name (his first and middle names were the ones I knew from my sorority sister’s family). We, my second cousin and I, started writing emails to figure out everything and I tried to fill him in on as much as I could about our family (lots to share thanks to As we talked more, we came to realize how our lives had paralleled frequently. We had been at the same University, lived all over Florida, and even had vacationed at the very same house on the Golden Isles of Georgia….and that’s how we get back to my sorority sister. My cousin’s aunt is first cousin to my sorority sister’s mother (confused yet?). And their whole family used to all vacation together at the very same place where we (sorority sisters and I) gather every year. We (2nd cousin and I) have even stayed in the very same room!

This past week, I had the opportunity to go meet my second cousin and his family. It makes me so happy to say that I feel like we had always known each other. And his aunt too. I definitely feel like family with all of them.We talked and talked and filled in spaces on the family tree, showing how my sorority sister and I are related (we are not cousins, but she is in my family tree). I had a great time starting to get to know everyone. It is my desire that this adventure will continue and my family will continue to grow.

Because this is The Adventures Of A Type 1 Traveler, you might ask how T1 fits into all of this. Well, I did pose the question if anyone in their branch of the family had T1 and they did not. I will probably always ask that question.

Here is my take away, if you get the chance to explore your own family history, do so with an open and welcoming mind. I hope you will enjoy it as I have!!

Until next time, safe travels!!

Adventures at “Friends For Life”!

Friends For Life 2019: This year marked the 20th Anniversary of Children with Diabetes Friends For Life conference. It’s a week where we, the Type 1’s, gather to learn , to make lifelong connections, and to support each other. Companies come to woo us with their new technology (and give us great swag). But, for me, one of the greatest parts is to feel 100% normal in a sea of other Type 1’s. To be able to instantly discuss things without having to give a lesson first and have the other person get it. To go to the swimming pool and nobody is staring!! (Unless they want to ask how that new site position feels) (or they love your artistic overtaping). To go to the gym with a friend and spending each second between sets keeping each other’s blood sugars up and steady…and laughing the whole time. To wearing a gown with all our devices showing and complimenting the way we decorate them for the occasion. And one of my new favorite t-shirt sayings “Hi, it’s me from the internet”!! We love our Diabetes Online Community!! Love you all and see you next year!! Just a few highlight pictures, enjoy!! And now for the hashtags 😄

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Finding your tribe, wherever you are!!!

I love my job!! This particular trip, a RunDisney friend who works for another carrier and I were going to get together in London for a little sightseeing and dinner. But, she texted me early on the morning we left to tell me she had gotten tickets for the Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees in the first #LondonSeries and did I want to go?!?!? That was an easy one!!! We arrived just a little late in London, so I was able to get a quick 2 hour nap before we set off toward the Olympic Stadium. The first surprise came when we boarded the tube….we were talking with some Yankee fans from Orlando, when my friend looked at the lady and said “I know you”!! It turns out that she was an agent at my friend’s airline and at her city!! Small world!!

When we got to the stadium, we walked around looking at all the food offerings and looking for a merchandise tent that didn’t have a 2 hour line. We weren’t very successful. So, we grabbed burgers and beer and headed up ( and I mean way up) to our seats. Thankfully, we were under the overhang and in the shade the whole time. The views were great and I took tons of pictures of the pregame show. They had a flag show, a singer and a choir to sing the national anthems. It was the most beautiful version that I’ve heard in a very long time. One of the highlights for me was getting to see Prince Harry and some of the Invictus games participants there to throw out a ceremonial first ball. The first inning was hysterical, it took almost an hour and the bats were hot. When the first home run was hit, there was a special graphic on the Jumbotron that said first home run in London.

We were surrounded by fun people rooting for both sides and quite a few locals. Which leads me to the biggest surprise of the day. After the first inning (again, it was an hour long) the family to our left decided to go get food. We stood up to let them pass and all of the sudden, I hear the younger lady yell “Diabuddies”!!!!! She was a fellow Dexcom Warrior!!! For those of you reading that are not familiar, Dexcom is our continuous glucose monitor that has been , for many of us, the most life changing device in the Type 1 diabetes world. It shows us (for me on my Apple Watch) what my blood sugar is and , more importantly, if it is going up or down and how rapidly. To recognize another type 1 “in the wild” is a great feeling….one that non T1’s really don’t get. And very important for young people, who feel isolated and different a lot of the time. I was so happy to meet the young lady and hope she finds this blog!! Also, I wanted to share with her and her family the conference that I’m going to in just 2 weeks. It’s called “Children with Diabetes Friends For Life”. This year is the 20th Anniversary. It is an incredible event for Type1’s of all ages . You will learn more than you can imagine and truly make friends for life!!! Please google it. It is life changing.

So there you are……2 great examples of “Finding your Tribe, wherever you are”!!!

Btw, this was written on the bus on the way to Heathrow. I apologize for typos!

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