It’s been such a long time….

It’s been such a long time. That sentence can be applied to so many things for all of us now. But for me, I no longer have to use it for flying. I’m back at work since the beginning of June and I can tell you things are very different. When I work, I prefer long haul flights. But nowadays, when I layover, I’m pretty much confined to my hotel room or hotel grounds because of COVID restrictions. One would think I’d be very upset about that (others are to be sure), but I’m not. I look at it as a way to ease back into it. I look at as a form of protection against the virus. I am fully vaccinated, yes. But the jury is still largely out on how someone with multiple autoimmune diseases respond to the vaccine. There just hasn’t been enough time to know. I’m ok with taking necessary precautions. I’m still considering myself lucky to be sitting here writing this on balcony overlooking a beach in Tel Aviv, someplace I’d never been before last month.

I never knew there was a large surf culture here. I’ve enjoyed watching the surfers this trip and I’ve got a good view of the dog beach too. I find joy in watching the dogs having such a fun time. I look forward to the day when the virus is a memory and I can explore this vibrant city. I was off work from March 15, 2020 until May 19, 2021 as all my doctors thought I was too high risk. During that time, I tried to soul search and really get a handle on things that meant a lot to me. Travel, going places, exploring, adventuring will always be a part of me and who I am. But I found out that caring for others is more to me and why I love my job so much. I used a very large portion of my retirement fund to live on while I was out (thanks to the Cares Act), so it appears I will be doing my job for a very long time. But, I also decided I would like something else career wise ((in addition to not in place of). So, starting this fall, at the ripe old age of 56 (57 shortly thereafter) I will be returning to college to pursue a nursing degree (BSRN). I want to do more in the Diabetes community and this is how I intend to start. I will be doing as much as possible online to avoid having to take time off. And then when it comes time for clinicals, I hope to work my schedule around my classes. I might be exploring a little less on my layovers, as studying becomes my priority. But, I will continue to post my progress (cheering me on is most welcome). Until my next post, stay healthy and stay safe!!


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