Celebrities and flying…….

I can’t take a break from Type 1 diabetes, but I can take another break from writing about it….

People often ask me if I have celebrities on board a lot or who I’ve met in my 33 years as a flight attendant. The answer is yes….and frequently. While I can’t tell you the specific names (that would be sacrificing their privacy and I would get in trouble), I can tell you the types of celebrities I’ve had the privilege of meeting. I’ve met former presidents (in Palm Springs and Nicaragua), congressmen that went on to run for President, Senators, Stars from old Hollywood, up and coming actors, Rockstars and Country music giants, whole teams of sports stars, Academic stars, Astronauts, writers, and yes, Royalty from around the world. I consider it one of my greatest achievements that I kept an entire 777 unaware, save one, that a certain royal was on board…a memory I will treasure long after I stop flying. I once had a scientist on board that I’d admired almost my whole life. I was so tongue tied, I could barely talk to her and kicked myself for it for a week. She works with primates and as a young girl I wanted to be just like her. I learned that you can actually fit a basketball team in the first class of a Super-80…..a feat I would have sworn was not physically possible.

One name I will say . In the 1990’s , I had Joan Rivers in First class to London and I mentioned to her how much my Mom loved her (just as a compliment). She asked my mom’s name and sent her a note and a picture that my Mom still has on her desk. What a treasure she was.

When the live action film “101 Dalmatians ” was set to premiere in New York, I brought in one of the stars from London. Halfway across the pond, he looked up at me, showed me his boarding pass and just started laughing…….our flight number was #101!!!!!! We thought it was hysterical.

I still see a few celebrities on flights to Europe, but after 9/11 many went the private jet route. I still consider having them on board one of the last truly glamorous things about my job. And, I still promise to take care them and give them the privacy they desire (not all do, some like signing autographs). So, next time you’re on a trip who knows, you may be traveling with stars on you flight!!

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