Adventures at “Friends For Life”!

Friends For Life 2019: This year marked the 20th Anniversary of Children with Diabetes Friends For Life conference. It’s a week where we, the Type 1’s, gather to learn , to make lifelong connections, and to support each other. Companies come to woo us with their new technology (and give us great swag). But, for me, one of the greatest parts is to feel 100% normal in a sea of other Type 1’s. To be able to instantly discuss things without having to give a lesson first and have the other person get it. To go to the swimming pool and nobody is staring!! (Unless they want to ask how that new site position feels) (or they love your artistic overtaping). To go to the gym with a friend and spending each second between sets keeping each other’s blood sugars up and steady…and laughing the whole time. To wearing a gown with all our devices showing and complimenting the way we decorate them for the occasion. And one of my new favorite t-shirt sayings “Hi, it’s me from the internet”!! We love our Diabetes Online Community!! Love you all and see you next year!! Just a few highlight pictures, enjoy!! And now for the hashtags 😄

#FFLOrlando19. #omnipod. #DexcomWarriors #Dexcom MaceysBelievers #ChrisRuden #T1D

#Type1Diabetes #wearenotwaiting



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