Anticipation, preparation…and so, the next adventure begins.

I’ve been planning this trip for so long, reading books and websites, making lists, and just daydreaming. The real work though, started this past week. Part of traveling successfully with type 1 diabetes is trying to anticipate everything you could face and then prepare for it. I’ll be on the road for 15 days. At home, that means 5 infusion site changes. So, I’m bringing 10. That’s in case every single one fails. I have a whole bottle of glucose tabs and will pick up juice boxes in each city (love trying different things like pear juice). While my dexcom would last the entire trip (I put a new one on before leaving), I brought 2 for backup and extra adhesive coverings. I have ketone strips and regular meds, cold medicine and tamiflu. I brought nuun tablets for dehydration and a fiber mix in for, well you know. I have 3 vials of insulin for my pump, 3 cartridges for my InPen (my new back up) and a pen of long acting. The InPen and long acting are for if my pump fails (which only ever happens if I’m out of the country. The insulin is in a frio bag, handy for travel and if the hotel doesn’t have a fridge. All of it fits nicely in a repurposed cooler that is pictured below. I also have a spare glucometer. Throw in a few snacks and we are all set!

There will always be glitches, but being prepared gives me confidence to handle it. Over the next two weeks, I hope you’ll follow along on my adventure.


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