Saturday morning in Philadelphia (perks of the job)

It’s day 5 of a 5 day trip and I’m in Philadelphia. It’s also Saturday and that means the Rittenhouse square farmers market is on!! I love farmers markets, so I was off at 8:45 to make the 9:00 start. Rumor had it that to get the best flowers, you need to be there early. One of the many perks of my job is being able to bring home wonderful treats from around the world. Today, I purchased a bouquet of sunflowers, fresh corn on the cob, and some artisan chocolates….all for a celebration for a young friend home from college for the week. I love local markets, both for the goods offered and meeting local people. In this case, mostly because I miss the farmers market where I lived in Maryland for 21 years. I love Philadelphia for the neighborhoods and ease of walking around. When I venture out, I usually carry a tube of glucose tablets and two little bottles of super fast acting glucose liquid. Personally, when out and about , I want something that will work ASAP. I rely on my DEXCOM to see which way I’m trending and I try to catch the lows before they’re a problem. This particular trip, I was doing some highly anticipated Labor day sale shopping. That means I was trying on clothes…….for some reason, I’ve always had issues with going low after trying on clothes, so I was prepared. Anyone else have that issue? The sales were a success and now it’s time for the flight home. Big bonus……in 7 hours, I’m officially on vacation!!! Happy Labor Day weekend !!


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