An afternoon at Fatima

After arriving in Lisbon this morning, my Friend Fran picked me up and we hit the ground running. First stop was the train station to pick up tickets for two trips… Coimbra and Porto. Next up, a stop at the house she and her husband Fritz are living in during there retirement in Portugal. It is absolutely incredible and I hope they’ll let me post pictures tomorrow. It has incredible tile and woodwork and an outside kitchen I hope to duplicate. A picture of their lovely cat will have to suffice for tonight.

Then, we were off on our day trip to Fatima. It was , of course, incredible. I was amazed by the quiet. Despite there being many people (children included), it was near silent. I doubt such respect would happen at home. I’m going to let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I didn’t get more than an hour’s sleep on the flight and I need it. Tomorrow, we are taking the nice train to Coimbra and I’m so excited to see the college and library.


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