Time to go home

Is there anybody that likes the “last day of vacation”. Your mind is full of a thousand things, packing, flights, squeezing in all the sights you missed, the list goes on. But, there are some trips that you have such an awesome time that you’ve worn yourself out and you’re ready to go home. This was that type of trip.

I got up at regular time and went downstairs for breakfast and asked the Sisters if I could stay at the table and write awhile. Also, I had to get on the upgrade list for my flight home. So, when finished I headed out. I’d booked the tour of the Vatican museums and Sistine chapel for 1:30, so I had time to do a little shopping and finally mail some postcards and a thank you note. Funny thing about those cards…. they have stamps from 3 countries on them because I kept forgetting to mail them. It was stupidly hot and humid so I wasn’t moving very fast, just kind of meandering through the streets. I had an early lunch so that I could make my tour.

The tour was fabulous, one everyone should do. I’m only putting in a couple pics because you should be looking at professional pictures of the artwork. And, there are tons available. My tour guide equated going into the Sistine chapel in Summer to the gates of hell because of the heat…… I agree. There were a million people packed in..sweating. It was not pleasant. But the artwork…..unbelievable. The last time I saw it I was sixteen and the restoration had just begun. In truth, you couldn’t see much. So, was just in awe. I must say having a great tour guide makes it fun.

After the tour, I took the exit into the Basilica. Seeing it through adult eyes, I appreciated it more. I wandered, took my time, really looked at everything. The only thing I didn’t do was climb to the top of the dome. I left and had to get something to drink. So I took it to the area under or next to the columns that form the semicircle around the plaza. Almost as soon as I did a thunderstorm started. Strange as it sounds, I totally enjoyed it. I watched people. I watched the way the colors on the dome changed in the rain. And, I just enjoyed being there. Eventually, I left in search of a place for dinner. Lasagna was the evenings choice and then next door for a really promising looking cookie (pistachio). Wandering back to the convent, I witnessed the most incredible sunset. Sadly, the Sisters weren’t there , which made me sad. I had really wanted to say goodbye and thank them for taking such good care of me.

A quick sleep, an awesome Uber to the airport , and here I am jetting across the pond on my way home. It was an incredible trip and I’m so glad I did it! Tomorrow or the next day will be my product review posts. I’ll be talking about the InPen, MedAngel and a couple of things I found to be helpful.

Thank you for coming along with me and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope to keep this up and show people that traveling as a Type 1 isn’t just possible, it enjoyable. Careful planning and anticipating needs are the keys!!

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2 thoughts on “Time to go home

  1. The trip is over already!? It seems just yesterday that you were here in Portugal. So enjoyed your visit… and the excuse to revisit some favorite places. You are such good company and such a good traveler. Come back anytime for as long as you’d like. Hope you feel refreshed and renewed by your adventure. God bless your travel home. Fran

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