Midnight musings

We had a long time to stay seated tonight, because of the bumps. So, my mind started to wander. I was thinking of last September’s vacation and the things I brought back with me. I’m 54 now and when I choose something to remember a trip by, it must be something that when I’m 80 will spark the memory. You think about things like that at this age. One of my favorites from the trip are the recipes from the cooking class I took in Rome. I bought ceramic swallows from each city in Portugal that I visited, and labeled the backs with those cities. They will eventually be mounted as a flock on my house….if it’s ever finished being painted. In Lourdes, I found little sachets of lavender for friends and religious trinkets for those that would appreciate them. For myself, I brought back hand towels with Great Pyrenees dogs embroidered on them (a favorite of my family). In Monaco, I found a very luxurious beach towel and in Rome a leather tote.

As I thought of those things, I wondered what other people bring back. What do they find meaning and memory in? And then, do they miss the days, like I do, when there was more local craftsmanship and unique items rather than mass produced junky stuff. We live in a time in which everything is accessible or can be ordered online and shipped overnight. This leaves only landscape and architecture as unique. This saddens me. The people , of course, are unique. But, I can’t bring them home.

My questions for you are what do you find unique and what do you bring home to remember your trips?


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