Getting lost at V&A and waiting out an over correction.

Working to London after vacation always excites me. It’s been my second home for almost 25 of my 32 years flying. I haven’t lived anywhere that long in my whole life. So yes, London is like home. When I walk into the lobby of my hotel and their signature scent (available for sale at the counter of course) hits me, I just feel home.

So, after a much too brief two hour nap, I set out for today’s adventure. Prior to my nap, I had eaten a bagel with cream cheese…my first mistake. Bagels are the physical representation of satan for a Tyoe 1. They are just plain evil. Nevertheless, I did it. So when I woke up I was stratosphere high! I knew I would be walking a lot, so I subtracted 1 unit from the correction……thought that would be enough.

I walked enjoying the fall day. Not too cool, not too hot and the clouds had cleared revealing a nice sunny day. My destination was the Victoria and Albert museum. A great place to, quite literally, get lost exploring. They even sell keychains proclaiming “get lost at V&A”. I love it there. You can see everything from Italian religious sculpture to micromosaics to very fancy sterling silver and wrought iron. There is always an interesting new exhibit or two and in the center courtyard a lovely pond and cafe. Top it off with an award winning gift shop and you’ve got the perfect afternoon! I was lucky and found a couple wonderful stocking stuffers.

Towards the end of my visit, I noticed my blood sugar taking a dive on my Dexcom. And forgot, for what must have 10-15 minutes. Long enough that it was really sinking. So, I paid for my purchases in the gift shop and walked slowly outside and plopped myself on the steps. By this time Dex was reading 45. I downed a bottle of glucose liquid and then ate an entire bag of skittles. And I waited. It didn’t take long to come up and in the meantime I did some great people watching. It was stupid of me to not notice it was dropping that quickly. I hate that I don’t feel it dropping, but that’s why I have the Dexcom. I hope soon they will fix the app, so that the alarms will override the iPhone silent mode. Nothing bad happened, but it could have. Stop and treat. Stop and treat.

Next stop was the grocery store for dinner. Because I’d been away for two months, curry was what I was after. Specifically, chicken korma, my comfort food. Took my purchases back to the hotel and had a very relaxing night. Taking it easy the first trip back from vacation is always a good idea.

So, that was my little adventure for this week. Next trip, I’m thinking with the Portrait gallery or Museum if Natural history. What do you think?


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