Attending church in a foreign land….

My friends invited me to attend church with them this morning and I was more than happy to go with them. My friend is a retired Episcopal priest and has associated with the local Anglican Church. It’s very interesting, there is a Portuguese branch of the Anglican communion and then an English church here is Lisbon, where expats attend and services are in English. I’m sure I’ve explained that incorrectly, but not sure how to.

The service is the same, just a few words are different. And how nice to hear the Queen’s English ! The people were very nice and I was welcomed. Admittedly, I didn’t know the hymns. After the service, there was a nice coffee hour where quite a lot of people showed up. I love that and was able to meet several interesting people.

I went back to the sanctuary to take pictures and learn a little history of the church and graveyard .Fascinating stuff (I will edit later to include a link to the history. I loved wandering around the graveyard and you’ll understand why when you see the pictures.

The readings this morning were about healing, which really moved me as I’m headed to Lourdes later in the week. Currently, I’m on the train to Cascais. It would seem everyone is headed to the beach today. I’m including a picture from the train that I found funny. You’ll understand why. Hoping to take a lot of pictures in Cascais.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself in Cascais, weather could not have been more perfect. I wandered around somewhat aimlessly taking pictures and enjoying the sights. I found 2 markers for the Camino, not realizing previously that in went through Cascais. I’m told the water is freezing here, but there were plenty of people swimming…..hardier folk than I! Food trucks were set up along the beach and I got a crepe to tide me over. Fran and Fritz are fixing dinner tonight and I’m really looking forward to it. They have been such great friends (and hosts).

T1D update: while I don’t usually change the time on my pump when working, I did change it to local for my 2 weeks in Europe. I’ve had a few lows attributed to some steep streets and foods I was unfamiliar with. As always, my Dexcom is my lifeline and keeps me from going too low. Things I’m planning on reviewing during this trip are the InPen and MedAngel. Both have been great info for you.

Link as promised to the St George’s history


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